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Welcome to Seafood Harbor, we strive to bring you the best in fresh seafood - delivered directly to your door. We feature the best online seafood selection anywhere and hope you'll enjoy your visit and return to Seafood Harbor for all of your gourmet seafood needs.

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Seafood Harbor aims to make the full range of fresh seafood online easily available to everyone. Whether its the fine fish and King Crab of Alaska, or Certified Maine lobster, we try to bring you the finest seafood available, delivered to your door.

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Seafood Recipes

Bronzed Alaska Salmon in a Butter-Wine Sauce
Dinner recipe for Bronzed Alaska Salmon in a Butter-Wine Sauce

Salmon Recipes

Buy Fresh Crab Online
Delicious fresh crab is available online and can be delivered to your door. We have a full range of crab for sale, including whole crab, crab meat, claws, and legs. Prepare a variety of tasty dishes at home when you buy crab through our premier suppliers.

Fresh Alaskan King Crab For Sale
Fresh Alaskan King Crab for sale online. Order King Crab and enjoy the best crab available. Sweet delicious crab delivered to your home.

Fresh Alaska Salmon For Sale Online
Tasty fresh Alaskan Salmon can be purchased online and delivered to you. Enjoy the richest tasting Salmon you can get anywhere. Alaskan Salmon is an ecologically sound fish that is harvested in a sustainable manner to protect the marine environment

Alaska Halibut Online
Alaskan Halibut has a firm, flaky meat with a delicate flavor and is prized as one of the best tasting whitefish available. Alaska Halibut, also known as the Pacific Halibut, is a popular fish that has great cooking versatility. Now you can buy fresh Alaska Halibut

Fresh Alaskan King Crab Legs For Sale
Alaska King Crab leg meat is celebrated for its mild, sweet flavor and delicate succulent texture. Order fresh Alaska King Crab legs online and enjoy this delicacy at home.

Fresh Atlantic Salmon For Sale Online
Atlantic Salmon is a popular choice due to its very mild salmon flavor and firm meat. Fresh and fresh-frozen Atlantic Salmon can be purchased online and delivered to your home year round.

Fresh Maryland Blue Crab For Sale
Fresh and precooked Maryland Blue Crab for sale. Now you can get Maryland Blue Crab online and shipped to your door. You can order precooked and pasteurized Blue Crabs, or live Blue Crab by the bushel.

Maryland Crab Cakes For Sale - Order Online
Enjoy the great taste of a Maryland crab cake the way it is supposed to taste. These generous crab cakes feature huge pieces of lump Maryland Blue Crab meat. Get more crab than breading when you buy the best authentic Maryland crab cakes, shipped right to your door.

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